Mwan IP Address Change Issue

I am new to openwrt and just setup a load balancer using mwan, everything is working great but I am facing issue on some websites, for example on cPanel whenever I try to login it logs me out automatically saying that IP Address has changed.

I have 3 ISPs connected with the below LAN IPs:

I am a beginner, so any support on how to fix this would be really helpful.

Thanks a lot!

Try creating a rule like the existing default one with the sticky option enabled:

config rule 'https'
        option sticky '1'
        option dest_port '443'
        option proto 'tcp'
        option use_policy 'balanced'

From the guide:


Unfortunately, the issue is still there. I believe I misconfigured something in the rules, please find attached a screenshot of the rules that I have.

Worked now, below are the changes that I made:

Thanks a lot for your support, pavelgl :slight_smile:

You needed to enable sticky in the https rule at the top of the list.
The last rule https_sticky will not be matched, as it has the same matching conditions as the first.

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Thanks for letting me know, will remove the last rule.

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