MWAN failover on bandwidth


I use mwan3 for failover. If main WAN does not respond to pings it changes to WAN 3G.

Problem. Frequently WAN responds to pings but it is very slow and has a degraded bandwidth.

Is there any way to require a minimun bandwidth or quality to main WAN to be considered valid? otherwise change to WAN 3G.

There is something:

check_quality 	boolean 	no 	0 	In addition to the interface being up, the check_quality options can check the overall link quality with packet loss and/or latency measurements
failure_latency 	number 	no 	1000 	Maximum packet latency milliseconds when check_quality is enabled
recovery_latency 	number 	no 	500 	Minimum packet latency in milliseconds when check_quality is enabled
failure_loss 	number 	no 	40 	Maximum packet loss as a percentage when check_quality is enabled
recovery_loss 	number 	no 	10 	Minimum packet loss as a percentage when check_quality is enabled 
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I was using it.

option check_quality '1'
option failure_latency '1000'
option failure_loss '20'
option recovery_latency '500'
option recovery_loss '5'

But maybe I don't understand these parameters or they are not enough. Main WAN is a shared public WIFI AP. Sometimes there are too many people and bandwidth falls from 1MBS to 70KBS. Not enought to see my ip cameras from internet.

mwan3 cannot switchover based on a bandwidth metric. But if you manage to measure it yourself and use it as a trigger to change the interface status in mwan3, it will trigger a failover.

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