Mvebu VPN performance

Hello i'm using mvebu wrt3200acm as a VPN server (softether5) and i get max 16 mbit...
I have actually a 100 mbit connection. Any way to increase performance ?

Some benchmarks for reference:

Apart from optimization, are you using HTTPS or something else?
Is the CPU pegged?
What rates do you get without VPN?

without vpn i get the full speed
what do you mean with are you using https?

Sorry being a bit unclear, the SoftEther VPN Protocol

i'm using ipsec with softether5

i use openvpn, but it is fast.

performance in mbit?

IPSec is probably going to have pretty poor performance compared to kernel based solutions and the more "mature" solutions.

problem is that ipsec is pretty supported everywere... wireguard not... and i'm too laxy to use external app...

anyway i found the problem... i'm just stupid...

my connection is 200/20 so my max speed is 20 mbit to to upload cap...

and with speed test I have 17-15 in both download and upload so...

If you're using IPsec anyways, did you also give plain strongswan a try? Even an ancient 400 MHz/ mips tl-wr1043ndv1 can achieve roughly 23-24 MBit/s with IPsec/ AES128 using strongswan - I've never benchmarked my faster devices though (the road warrior is always significantly slower than what my ipq8065 SOC could provide).

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