Mvebu: removed 4.4 support before reboot issue resolved with 4.9

There has been a commit (Felix Fietkau) to remove kernel 4.4 support from mvebu. However 1900ac V1 users are still experiencing reboot issues with kernel 4.9.

Why remove the support for 4.4 when the issue has not been resolved with 4.9 yet? Maybe, there's something else going on that I'm not aware? If so, please advise.

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If not the correct category feel free to move.

Are there any open bug reports about this? The bug tracker is the best place to get the developers' attention, not the forums...

I just checked the bug tracker and nothing related pops up when I filter for 'mvebu'.

FS#564 and topic

4.9 is perfectly table on my WRT1900AC-V2, so must be something specific to the V1

Yes, it appears to be mamba specific. I have had no issues on a rango, and have not seen any reports regarding other members of the family.

All the feedback I've received shows Mamba being affected.