Mvebu rango dts file location

Where do I find the dts file for wrt3200acm.
The image file say the dts file is defined as armada-385-linksys-rango.dts but I have searched through the whole files folder and cortexa9 folder and there is no dts file with that name?

googled "armada-385-linksys-rango.dts" ?

Yes and it should be here…

But it aint…

The armada-385.dtsi isn’t there to be seen either?

I'll answer with a question. On what are the target/linux/mvebu/files layed over?

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Do you actually have a answer where the files are found or what?

If You've actually googled the file, the answer would be Linux source code (first hit). If You would've try to answer the question I asked, the answer would be the same - Linux source code. Does the answer satisfy Your expectations?

This is an upstreamed DTS, so part of the Linux kernel.


They are as said in the Linux kernel in this folder:

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