Mvebu firmware: random MAC address

On Marvell boards, the ethernet MAC address may be stored in an SPI Flash var ethaddr.

Espressobin boards in particular do this. After flashing an updated firmware (u-boot + arm-trusted-firmware) such as OpenWRT's, added in pull/3442, users are instructed to reset to default env with

> env default -a
> env save

This erases the ethaddr SPI Flash var where the MAC address is stored, resulting in a random MAC assignment on each reboot:

Warning: neta@30000 (eth0) using random MAC address

This causes various problems such as the need to subsequently reboot the upstream (garbage) cablemodem in order to get a DHCP address assignment.

The first link above describes the issue and its resolution but it's not very discoverable. We should add this info to the OpenWRT wiki pages for espressobin/marvell.

CC: @dhewg

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The wiki pages are editable. If you are familiar with the issue and know the resolution why haven't you updated the wiki page?

@RaylynnKnight I'm seeking input from other community members to try to make sure the wiki info is as correct and useful as possible.