MultiWAN Failover - MWAN3 still the go-to tool?

Is MWAN3 still the best/only tool for doing WAN failover or are there alternatives (other than setting it up manually)?

It seems MWAN3 still does not natively support nftables and might have been abandoned from an update perspective? The last post I can see on the topic of porting it was from 2022. Not a critisism of the devs as I know this is all voluntary, but just looking for the info.

Are folks using MWAN3 reliably in 23.05.3?


I use MWAN3 with 23.05.3 in multiple locations, it still works well. Only issue I had due to it still using iptables was routing by domain name which was solved using ipset-dns package (which hasn't been updated for far longer than MWAN3 and still works)


Thanks. Were there any other changes to the stock image you had to make other than installing MWAN3 package? I read another thread where there was an issue of dnsmasq-full not being compiled with the right options in the stock package to support (the now legacy) ipset rules. Or is that what is solved with ipset-dns?

Installing mwan3 and ipset-dns pulls in all dependencies, but you do need to create a script to get the ipset functionality, I have copied the example configuration and script

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