Multiwan does not switch back

Hello I am using a Teltonika RUT240 with chaos calmer installed.

I am using the LTE connection as a backup to my ethernet connection. Sometimes it does not switch back from using the LTE connection to WAN.

When I do "ping -I eth1" on the console nothing comes through. When I disconnect the ethernet cable and reconnect it the interface works, and the router switches back from LTE to WAN.

How can I further debug this?

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I don't see this particular model supported.[Brand*~]=telt
Are you using the official firmware or some community made?
Regardless the Chaos Calmer is very old, insecure, and unsupported. You'd better upgrade to a newer version and then see if the problem persists.

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I am using the stock Teltonika firmware.

I actually bought this model because of the integrated LTE and dual WAN capabilities.

Should I rather write to Teltonika support?

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Yes, that would be the best.

Many OEMs use parts of OpenWrt in building their firmware, then remove large chunks of it, and replace other large pieces.

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