Multiples AP with same SSID in relay/bridge mode

Is it possible to have multiples AP with same SSID in relay/bridge mode.
I like to use ethernet link to get multiples wifi access points at each of my needed spot !


If you can, is a more reliable option (but it requires all involved wireless routers/ APs to run OpenWrt).


For me it’s same solution...
I have used to relay ethernet linked Wifi Access Point, so I enable WDS mode but I use relay bridging...
What is missing from the wiki is the local relay ip which need to be configured with the same IP as fixed IP of OpenWRT, then your AP is accessible by its IP.
The Wifi coverage is silently switched between AP by Wifi client while moving, what look like only possible by activating WDS mode.
Each access point need custom firewall and disabled dhcp and dns.
All is managed by the main routeur !

relayd is a hack and rather buggy, IPv6 doesn't work at all - WDS/ 4addr works properly.

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Okay, so only relaying without relayd is working...
Thanks for the advice of WDS !
I only have to force different channel for using same SSID...
Have some troubles about all with setting while using wifi :wink:

Sometimes, I lost (do not get) DHCP from the bridged AP.
I have activated STP and IGMP, without really know what they do !
But the look to fix the dhcp renew from my client connecting to the bridged AP !?

Okay, so I disabled again STP and IGMP.
But I force link the bridged LAN...
looks like ok !

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