Multiple Wifi, interconected

Hi is posibble to have multiple wifi networks, 5 on the same router.

And the Wifi Networks 1+2+3+4 are communicated between them (Share folders, Priters, etc.)and the Wifi 5 can not connect to any other Wifi device?


That depends on the actual hardware, and the concurrent interface combinations it allows (iw list will tell you). There is some overhead to consider, so don't get too adventurous - and only few WLAN chipsets do support more than 4 AP interfaces at once.


Thanks for the fast reply

MT7615 chipsets support 16 VAPS which would allow you to have 16 SSIDs per wifi radio.

and just put the fifth AP on that radio in "AP Isolation", which, if i understand correctly (some keener will correctly), will prevent other networked members from communicating with that IP (and vice versa).

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 8.09.32 PM

Well, given that the OP has kept the hardware in question secret, there's no point in speculating about the actual number here - just saying that >4 (or >1 to be frank) can't be taken for granted and only iw list provides the authoritative answer.


I have an Linksys EA8500.


So QCA9980, which means at least 8 (QCA9880-BR4A), maybe 16 (QCA9984), but iw list tells the whole story.

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