Multiple vpn clients

Hello, I am very newbie. Glad to meet you!.

I have a question.

If I install OpenWRT with the OS of my old desktop, and install multiple LAN cards, can I apply a separate VPN client to each LAN port?

For example, can I adjust LAN port 1 to US ip address and LAN port 2 to Japan ip using expressvpn or nordvpn?

And can I install multiple wireless LAN cards and do the same thing wirelessly?

I use ip from many countries for streaming or gaming reasons. The primary vpn client countries used are US, UK, and Japan. Currently, I'm installing several routers to adjust each router to be the IP of different countries, but I think there are too many routers and it's a waste.

If I can dedicate one desktop to a openwrt router and integrate all the functions to this machine, I would like to donate the remaining routers.

Thank you for your advice. And I am sorry for my English.

Welcome to the community.

Yes you can have multiple lan cards, wireless cards and VPNs in various configurations.


Thank you for your comment! I will study hard and try it!