Multiple Upstream Connections?

Hi, I'm running 19.07.3 on an AVM FritzBox 4040 behind an AVM FritzBox 7490 VDSL Router. The 7490 offers LAN4 to be configured as a guest network.

Would it be possible to set up the OpenWrt on the 4040 to connect to the 7490 with two cables, one for 7490/LAN4/guest and the other for 7490/LAN1 (e.g. connected to the 4040/WAN and 4040/LAN1 port), so that I can offer these two networks downstream using VLAN?

I'm pretty new to VLAN. At the moment the 4040 is running as a dumb access point (upstream: WAN port with DHCP) offering two different wifi SSID, but since VLAN is not yet configured, both SSID's simply represent the same network.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes this would be possible.

A point in your special case is that FB 4040 is lacking VLAN support on WAN interface. So you would loose this port. Have a look into this Wiki about your device:

In order to save a port you could put a managed switch between your two devices to tag traffice before hitting your FB 4040.

In general. Be carefull in configuring VLANs. You can easy lock you out from the device.


Thanks @pwned, that sounds promising. In fact the FB4040 will be the managed switch, I have two other openwrt devices on the network, which are supposed to play the role of the vlan endpoint and allow devices to enter the guest- or normal network via ethernet or wifi.
But I fully agree that I should be careful, my first attempt to configure the vlan was rolled back by openwrt - a very important eye opened :slight_smile:

Set up a wifi AP and log in by wifi. Then if you break the Ethernet you still have access. The IPQ4018 chip is reportedly a bit strange with VLANs. I think one workaround is not to use numbers 1 and 2 for user VLANs.