Multiple SSID with intel 7260

openwrt 18.06.2 with mini PCIe/USB wifi card (IMC Networks 802.11 n/g/b Wireless LAN USB Mini-Card), configured with 2 SSID operating as APs. works fine. two interfaces showing up in "ifconfig -a", wlan0 and wlan0-1.

When i replace with mini PCIe 7260hmw, first delete wifi section in luci, recreate, but:

  • in "ifconfig -a" i never see a second interface, only wlan0
  • luci shows second interface name as wlan0.network2
  • whenever i enable second ssid, both ssids do not work, luci shows "wireless is not associated"
  • Aka: can only enable one SSID.

Is there any documentation how to try to do what openwrt startup is supposed to do manually, e.g.: via iw ?

Any other suggestions ?