Multiple SSID, same Network

Hi all, I have a GL-MT6000 (Flint 2).
Before this router I had another one from my ISP and my SSID was linked to that router (started with Vodafone).
Now I would like to change SSID, but I have about 80 devices connected to my old SSID.
So, after replacing my ISP router with the Flint 2, I put the same SSID I had in the old one.
I would like to have a new SSID (with a more "normale" name).
So I would like to put another SSID and, device by device, move to the new one.
How could I do?



Just add new ssid to radio and move over devices one by one.


hi LUCA, maybe better if you create two ssid one for device that can only use 2.4 ghz and another for the device that can use 5ghz.

ciao LUCA, crea due ssid ,uno per i dispositivi 2.4 ghz ed un altro per i dispositivi 5 ghz, non credo sia opportuno avere 80 dispositivi su una sola radio.

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Why would you do that, instead of using the name SSID, and let each device choose by themselves?

Hi all, perhaps I did not explain myself.
I already have same SSID for 2.4 and 5 Ghz network and everything is working flawlessly. The devices can choose the band they prefer.

The problem is that I would like to change my SSID to something more readable, or at least different. However, I want to do it gradually because, certainly, I will forget some devices (like the dishwasher or others).
So I thought: I'll create two SSIDs (both for the 2.4 and the 5 GHz bands) that have the exact same features, same DHCP pool, etc., and then I'll start connecting the simpler things (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
Slowly, I'll see them disappear from the VODAFONE network and appear on the supercoolnewssid network.
When I see nothing left on the VODAFONE network, I'll delete that old SSID and have all my devices on the new one.
I hope I have explained myself better.

Basically @brada4 already answered it, you can just add several SSIDs to one radio.

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