Multiple Remote Syslog?

Is it possible to send syslog messages towards multiple servers?

If Yes, how?


syslog-ng is my choice of readily available options for OpenWrt

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Yes! :smiley: i found it and this is why i want to send syslog towards 2 different servers. I have several devices with openwrt, and i swapped one of them to centralize all syslog from other devices. I use syslog-ng to get the remote syslog, but it raise 2 problems for me:

1.- Some openwrt cannot install syslog-ng due flash space, and i want to send the syslog towards 2 centralized devices.
2.- Since i swapped from syslog to syslog-ng, i cannot read syslog via web-ui as i did with fresh install, and i thought it was a nice idea to keep syslog for local pourpose and config syslog-ng to get from remote devices.

So, is there any possibility to send standard syslog towards multiple devices?


The syslog implementation in OpenWrt is very minimal.

As far as I know, it does not support TLS, nor standards-track TLS for syslog. Personally, I wouldn't allow anything but authenticated, encrypted access to a central logging host.

The integration of syslog in LuCI appears to be in feeds/luci/modules/luci-mod-status/luasrc/controller/admin/status.lua with the underlying function defined in feeds/luci/modules/luci-base/luasrc/sys.lua

function syslog()
        return luci.util.exec("logread")

so I would imagine that you could redefine that as needed.

As for size problems, well, how old are your units? Are you building a custom image or trying to install it post facto? It's a very comfortable fit with quite a few other non-trivial packages (including OpenSSL) built into an image for ar71xx/ath79 device with 16 MB of flash. I would imagine that you could build it into an 8 MB image, but I haven't tried.

Neither me. I have an internal OpenVPN network for management activities. So snmp queries, syslog, ssh... are included inside this OpenVPN network.

I have no experience modifying this kind of luas files... Can i modify it inside the router or must i need to modify inside a precompiled image?

They are not so old. I have TL-MR13U devices in order to deploy them as mobility devices. This devices only have 4Mb of internal Flash, so i had to extend its filesystem. I havent found any decent battery router with better flash size keeping same battery size.