Multiple options in the same row using CBI

I have a config section as below

config testsection 'Test'
	option id '200'
	option select '1'
	option status 'enable'
	option Multi 'Key Key3'

Using this config section , I was attempting to have all of these options displayed in the same row in UI using CBI. Below is the code used.

m = Map("testconfig", "Setup") -- We want to edit the uci config file /etc/config/network

s = m:section(TypedSection, "testsection")
--s:option(TextValue,"Row Title")
s:option(Value, "id")
p = s:option(ListValue, "status")
p = s:option(MultiValue,"Multi")
return m

All options are getting displayed done below the other. webpage Image has been uploaded .

I would like to have multiple section sections of this file being displayed as multiple rows using the CBI. Is this possible?

s.template = "cbi/tblsection"

Thanks @stangri !!

I have bee trying to get a couple of things with this.

  1. When there are about 7 - 8 fields in a row, it goes beyond the screen. Is there an option where we can auto fit to the window OR can we define the width of the cell?
    I tried to provide the width in the \usr\lib\lua\luci\view\cbi\tblsection.htm file, but was not of any success.

  2. I am also trying to get rid of the header rows that get displayed for each of the config section.

Unless someone comes in with an exact answer, I'd search openwrt/luci github for all projects which use template = "cbi/tblsection" and check out the possible existing customizations first.

Hi @Shan !
Have you found an answer to that question?
I think we are oblige to use a CSS, but I don't know how.