Multiple mesh networks?


i have 2 routers in mesh configuration. Now i am adding another network which should be completely seperated by the other ohne (like guest lan)
How do i correctly make the mesh for 2 firewall zones?
I came in troube by setting up mutliple mesh connections.
Do the zones have to go through one mesh connection? How to configure this and ist this a risc of security?


The mesh network can function different from the wifi networks users connect to. It is used for inter-router-communication and users don't connect to the mesh network - this can be achievef with batman.

So you can simply set up several wifis on each router, configure them to your liking, and the data itself will be transmitted through the seperat mesh network to your main router.

I would use one mesh with the BATMAN-adv protocol, there can be VLANs within a BATMAN mesh.

Can you give me please a hint how to configure this with 11s?

Sure, you can follow the guide here:

Points (1) and (2) are the core setup. I just saw that the guide also dives into mesh and VLAN so there might be some info on how to follow your seperation angle on mesh level.

For the description I gave, following points (1) and (2) suffices.