Multiple Kernel initramfs images possible?

I've been trying multiple options for the Makefile unsuccessfully in my pursuit to create two different kernels initramfs images for different purposes, without having to recompile the code all the time I change this.

Would it be possible to do such? If so, how?

As a side note, I've tried creating custom images through

IMAGES += custom1.bin custsom2.bin
IMAGE/custom1.bin := 

But neither of this two options work

IMAGE/custom1.bin := $$(KERNEL)
IMAGE/custom1.bin := append-kernel

They are not simply kernel INITRAMFS images like the one generated by default :frowning:

I'm not 100% confident but from what I've read the IMAGES only generate squashfs versions not initramfs versions. And I'm not 100% confident there is a method to generate initramfs versions other than the default one without maybe, hardcoding makefiles?

I was thinking if there maybe was another var like IMAGES but something like INITRAMFSIMAGES or the liking.

This is one of the elements with least information in the Dev guides :frowning: