Multiple IPv6 PD client. It is possible? [SOLVED]

Hi to all

i have a unusual question about multiple IPv6 PD

ok, i have 2 interface which get IPv6 PD

one, VPN100 is getting, say 2001:: something /64
second, VPN200 is getting, say 3001:: something /64

ok, my problem is, how to assign different prefixes to different interfaces?

VPN100 need to serve PD for LAN100 so LAN100 always get 2001 adresses
VPN200 need to serve PD for LAN200 and LAN200 always get 3001 addresses

is this possible?

It is, read here for ip6class.

thank you @trendy

yes, it is working
however i din't see this option in LUCI GUI, but after editing /etc/config/network it is OK

now i learned something new :slight_smile:

Not everything is available in Luci. Sometimes you'll have to look in uci to find what you need, especially when it is out of the ordinary.
If the problem is solved, feel free to mark the topic accordingly .

yes @trendy
you are right

i am a new on OpenWRT, coming from Mikrotik platform and still have much to learn.

thank you


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