Multiple IPV6 addresses

So on my home network I have an r7800 with openwrt, a r6300v2 in ap mode with stock firmware and a pi hole which is a dns server. I also use my pihole as my dhcp server for ipv4 but have the ipv6 dhcp turned off. I was on ddwrt before but ipv6 wasn't working at all no matter what I did. Now on openwrt it works but my devices are being assigned 5 ipv6 addresses. I know 2 or 3 is normal but I dont think 5 is. btw I have xfinity. help networking newb plz. :slight_smile:

It's normal with 1 link local address. And for each prefix it's normal with 1 dhcpv6 address, 1 temporary slaac address and 1 permanent slaac address.

I'd say it's normal to have 3 or more ipv6 addresses on each device.
And its normal to have two ipv6 prefixes, one global and one ULA prefix.

In total that's 7 active ipv6 addresses. Add to that any number of deprecated temporary slaac addresses.

You might have only 3 addresses if you have only the permanent slaac addresses. (2 if you don't count the link local address.)

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To answer this, it would be necessary to know the actual prefixes - to see if you get multiple ULA prefixes (incorrectly disabled on the non-routing devices and handing out rogue ULA prefixes in your LAN). But yes, a handful of IPv6 addresses (at least 3, 5 with privacy extensions - more counting obsolete privacy addresses) is normal.