Multiple Access Points

I have a spare Linksys WRT 3200ACM. Is there a way to use this as a secondary access point at the other side of my home to improve wireless strength in that area. I can connect to my current router (WRT1900ACS) using an ethernet cable, or preferably using a powerline adapter so that I do not have to run an ethernet cable through my home. (If the powerline adapter hampers speed too much, I'll run the ethernet cable)

Would i still be able to set up a guest network using this configuration? Would it be possible for me to set up homekit accessories to function correctly as well?

Very new to Openwrt, so if this was possible, I can pretty much only carry out your advice on luci and not cli.


Thanks. But what about the same ssid (think it’s called seamless handoff)?

It's called mesh

Or 802.11r, depending on what you want/need.

You can use the same ssid for the same network among the access points. You should use non-overlapping channels though. Roaming and all these fast handoffs didn't work fine for me. Some clients were not able to connect. Even without it my handover is quite seamless even on a video call.