MultiCore x86/64 issue?


Today I've been checking/stressing my x86 Router (Celeron J1900 + 4 Gb. RAM), just compressing a big file (32 Gb. file) running gzip command.

root@Router-J1900:/mnt/hdd/ftp/OpenWRT# gzip -9 J1900FullBck.img

I realized gzip is only using 1 of the 4 cores:

I'm running irqbalance:

 3161 root       804 S    irqbalance

Why is not using all cores? It's because of gzip, or irqbalance/OpenWRT is not handling it correctly?
Any clue about it?

By the way I'm running a "new" snapshot.

 OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r11034-04e912d217


Standard gzip is single-threaded. There are multi-thread implementations, like pigz


Thanks @stragies

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