Multicast "youview" IPTV with FTTP

I previously had IPTV (BT youview) working using a BT Home Hub 5A flashed with OpenWRT over vDSL.

We just got FTTP installed today, and the IPTV is no longer working. I have moved 'wan' physical from 'dsl.0' to 'eth0.2' and the broadband is working fine (avg 92Mbps - although there is a separate issue with 2.4Ghz limited to around 40Mbps). I am not sure which interface to configure 'iptv' for. I have tried setting it to 'eth0.2' wiithout success, and tried creating 'eth0.101' as I read somewhere that IPTV (youview) required VLAN 101.

Any help would be appreciated.