Multicast stops working if guest interface is up


mcproxy or igmpproxy stops working after some minutes if my br-guest interface is up.
If br-guest is down, multicast works perfect.

The brief setup is :
iptv : eth0.2
iptv-lan : eth1.20 (dhcp)
br-guest: eth1.11 wlan0-1 (dhcp)
br-lan: eth1.10 wlan0 (dhcp)
wan : eth0.6
mcproxy from eth0.2 to eth1.20

Any advice on how to investigate this issue?
The total number of network interfaces is seven. Is there any limit?


Finally I have found a workaround changing guest network to
guest: eth1.11 (dhcp)
Issue got solved after guest network ip range was changed.
Any ideas on what was going wrong?

I have similar issue, I can watch IPTV, change the channels. But after few minutes when changing channel it won't work. In tcpdump I see the igmp report goes to WAN, but can't see the udp multicast coming in.

Igmp proxy restart fixes the issue for few minutes.

I tried to stop my other networks but it didn't help.

Edit: Created dedicated non-bridged VLAN for my IPTV box instead of using br-lan. Also igmp snooping not needed as this is only device and port needed for IPTV multicast. Seems working now.