Multicast IPTV over wireless but without client isolation possible?

My setup is a single Turris Omnia. From my provider I get IPTV (no separate VLAN). I successfully setup igmpproxy, which works and was enough when my devices consuming the Multicast IPTV are attached via cable. To get it to run over wireless, I had to enable igmp_snooping on the bridge, and multicast_to_unicast on the wifi ports of the bridge. Otherwise I only got still images at best (with both Kodi and VLC as test clients).
Unfortunately after setting those 2 options, the clients on the wifi seem to be isolated (no ping, no ssh between the clients).
Is there a way to get Multicast IPTV over wifi to work without client isolation?
Experiments with udpxy were only partially successful so far: Running udpxy on the router itself did not work at all, running it on a different machine attached via ethernet did work, but I experienced buffering issues every couple of minutes. The setup described above works perfectly on the other hand (besides the problem of client isolation).

Thanks in advance!