Multi SSID Travel Router

I am in the process of making a travel router based on a raspberry pi.
The Pi3B has internal WiFi which I would like to use to connect my devices (Laptop, iPhone, firetv,..) to the router, the plugged-in WiFi dongle shall be the client for the Hotel network. Additionally, the onboard LAN could connect to the hotel LAN as well. VPN connections should be possible to my home network as well as to predefined countries (geolocated TV, Netflix, etc).
This what is described here, is functioning so far.

My question is would it be possible to define multiple SSIDs (my hotspot), e.g SSID-plain-internet, SSID-VPN-HOME, SSID-CH, SSID-VPN-DE. And corresponding having routes through VPN tunnels.

Generally it is possible to have multiple SSIDs with most hardware on OpenWrt, but it is worth noting that the wifi on the Pi is generally rather poor. You may be better off with a real travel router which may have slightly better wifi performance.

Regarding the multiple SSIDs, the guest wifi tutorials will get you started with the creation of your additional networks. You will also need to use VPN Policy Based Routing to handle the multiple VPNs you have configured so that each SSID maps to the right VPN.

Unless you need multiple VPNs running simultaneously, you may be better served by a single SSID and then simply switching with VPN is active when you need different connections.

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