Multi SSID for LAN and WAN Network

I want to setup Multi SSIDs for LAN and WAN networks.
Currently Openwrt DIR 2660(Dumb AP ) is connected LAN 1 to Opnsense router for WiFi DHCP that works perfectly.
I have ISP Huawei Main Internet Router, its LAN port is connected to internal switch port, in same switch opnsense router WAN port is connected and that work fine too.
I need to setup a separate SSID for WAN port of openwrt to connect same network range of ISP router
I have connected opnwrt WAN port to the same switch where opnsense is connected.
Openwrt WAN is DHCP client and getting IP. But Wireless client are not getting IP from WAN. In wireless network WAN is selected for new SSID.

ISP router IP:
Opnsense WAN IP: GW
Opnsense LAN(Wifi) IP: (DHCP Enabled)
OpenWrt LAN IP(static) (DHCP Disabled): GW
OpenWrt WAN (DHCP Client):