Mullvad VPN experiences?

I would like to setup a Wireguard VPN on my Netgear R7800. I saw that Mullvad has a detailed write up about how to install their Wireguard VPN onto OpenWRT. Has anyone had experiences with this brand and was the set up straight forward? My internet speeds will rarely get above 25 mb/s. I've read alot about setting up a VPN in the documentation here and tried setting up a config with my existing VPN provider (ProtonVPN) with no success. I tried the command line install in the OpenWRT documentation and had to reflash my router afterwards. I use Linux and Android and Mullvad has apps for both. Thanks for your time.

@Go243 - just to set some expectations here...

The OpenWrt forums are not really intended as a review site for VPNs (or really anything else). So you may get some responses form users with performance and service quality observations, you may be better off looking at actual VPN review sites to get a feel for what is best for your needs.

With respect to the configuration documentation -- hopefully you can get some feedback from other forum users like "yes, everything is good except for step 6... " or whatever. But with that in mind, you will find a lot of threads about these topics (including troubleshooting) simply by searching the forum.


I can go ahead and close this post with a solution and I do so with respect for what the forum is for. As far as Mullvad VPN on my Netgear R7800 router, it is the best experience I have had among three past VPN configurations. It is fast, instant VPN connection (at least on my router), and reliable. I thought my router was temperamental and had thought about using it as a boat anchor with the previous OS I had on it. OpenWRT and Mullvad VPN changed it into some kind of super router. I just needed to learn how to edit my firewall to include the Mullvad configuration. Wireguard is so fast and speed tests are significantly higher. I can comfortably run the Wireguard router connection as well as my Ubuntu Linux Wireguard VPN at the same time. Thanks OpenWRT. Sorry for the post, but thanks for the information library here. If I told you how happy I am with this set up, you might think I am crazy, but the previous setups did, sort of, drive me crazy. Have a good day.

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