MU-MIMO support in the future?


There are more and more devices supporting MU-MIMO, is it possible to bring it to the LEDE firmware?

I have a WRT3200ACM, I want to have LEDE and MU-MIMO at the same time.

Thank you.


Once the developers of the linux drivers supports them, then LEDE will also support them. If you ask the question of when it will be supported then that all depends on the amount of time/effort/developers working on it. I haven't really delved deep into the driver's status, may be its already support or in development, who knows.

Yes I understand.

Hope the implementation is not that difficlult like the wifi issues in the WRT series.

The v18.06 changelog yields «Added code to support BF for MU-MIMO» :

Can we say it is working now?
(no references to MIMO on v19 changelogs, or so it seems)