MTU setttings for LAN and WIFI using VLAN tagging

Hi, I have two BTHH5A's connected together by ethernet which uses VLAN tagging. I understand that there is a hardware limitation with the switches limiting the MTU to 1500, so in order for the VLANs to work, I must reduce the MTU to 1496? Indeed, setting the MTU to 1496 for the VLAN itself (not the switch) seems to fix things. But on the "new" Openwrt where everything is a "device", it's not clear which "device" to set the MTU on. In this case, it appears that you need to set the "br-lan" MTU to 1496 (which is the switch device itself, where you configure the VLAN tagging settings) and not the child VLAN.

In addition, do I/should I need to reduce the WIFI MTU, which is being effectively bridged over this VLAN? I occasionally run into issues with large packets when connected between wired on one router and wifi on the other router (but never when wired on one router to wired on the other).

Many thanks in advance