MTK7621A D-Team Newifi D2 with FreeWRT 20.12

Has anyone tried?
I ask to check if wifi issues that (1) and (2) speak about can be solved.

I'd say the best place to inquire about that would be the very topic you are linking to?

Right, I added a reply there.


Testing now for about 12 hours on a Newifi D2. 2.4ghz wireless range is greatly improved over 19.07.xx. Scanning in Luci on radio1 (5ghz) doesnt seem to be working. My vlan config seems to be working as well.

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Thank you for the feedback. What do you mean with "over 19.07.xx"? Which version are you using?

I have 2 Newifi D2's. One is running the latest stable OpenWRT 19.07.06 release (2.4ghz channel 6). The second is running FreeWRT20.12.1 (2.4ghz channel 1). They're placed about 1 meter apart right now. Seeing -63dbm on channel 1 and -80dbm on channel 6 from the same testing location through a reinforced concrete wall. At first glance the WiFi is stable and the signal range is improved. Only issue I have found is Luci Wireless Scan on 5ghz doesnt return any results even though there are 5ghz networks available.