MTK MT7621A router / Need advice

I just ordered a couple of these off Aliexpress.

I also have a WE1326 that is still kicking on OpenWrt 18.06.4 (MediaTek MT7621). My goal is to setup a wireless mesh in my new home that I will be moving into in Apr 2020. It will be wired with CAT6 throughout strategic locations in the home. It appears it is a GL.iNet model too.

I'm looking to:

-Setup a wireless mesh
-Be able to use each of these devices to also pass traffic via the LAN ports (i.e. for Smart TVs, Roku Etc...).

  1. If it needs a firmware update, does someone know which would be the correct official openwrt download?

  2. Have experience setting a mesh network with compatible hardware? There seems to be Openwrt mesh docs that differ in some way or another. Or perhaps a good place that has configs and/or scripts for mesh setup.

Do I understand you correctly that all of your APs will be connected via wired ethernet? If that were the case, your situation would be trivial - dumb AP and off you go. Once you have that working, you may work on optimizing the handover between cells, namely by enabling IEEE 802.11k (only in master/ snapshots), IEEE 802.11v and IEEE 802.11r. But again, 802.11k/v/r are only an optional optimization, not a requirement, based on these features clients may make better choices to roam between bssids (only relatively new/ highend clients look at this).

Visually you might have gotten Youhua wr1200js devices, obviously you can go ahead with that firmware - if not, the situation might be more difficult.


I appreciate the information. That definitely pointed me in the right direction.

I am assuming these firmware images then?

I got mine a couple of week ago (ordered with Openwrt/EU plug).
I switch to an official vanilla OpenWRT build (youhua_wr1200js is indeed the right one :slight_smile:) and set up a pure access point on it.

So far, the only negative point is actually the EU plug adapter which is quite plain/weak imho, but anyway one can change the power supply easily.

I received my two units about a week ago. Both as Dump APs. I used this stript:

Both units are working nicely.

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