Mt7922 6Ghz ap on x86 VM

I'm not quite sure what exactly you mean by this. If that implies you're trying to backport mt76 into openwrt-22.03, then stop right there, it's not going to work sensibly. Work on master, and ideally on the bare-iron, to get the hypervisor and its quirks out of the way - only once you got that working, you may stand a chance to backport the necessary changes (just don't expect that the openwrt-22.03 branch would take these changes, openwrt-23.xy is about to branch off - make sure that this branch (via master) is working now).

6 GHz support (as well as mt7921/ mt7922) is very much at the forefront of development, a lot of bits and pieces would have to go together for it to work. On top of that I don't think any 6 GHz devices (as in plastic routers with three- or four radios, one of which happens to support the 6 GHz band) is even supported at this point, which severely reduces the chances that anyone has tested it (yes, with PCIe cards you can do a lot more, a lot earlier, but that doesn't imply anyone else has set the groundwork for it, yet - and I think there still are known pieces missing for it to be fully supported). Get your readings from the the low-level linux tools (iw) and the kernel, make sure that the generated hostapd configuration match your expectations for 6 GHz, …

Expect quite some development on netifd, iwinfo and luci to be necessary.

from experience with mt7921un, in STA mode on general purpose linux, you want at least kernel v6.1 (respectively its mac8021/ mt76 packages) for these new chipsets to work in 6 GHz mode (and even then there's still quite some performance tweaking pending for 6 GHz), in other words excatly what's master giving you right now.

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