Mt7921u and 6e bands

Door has to be open with 12dBm signal.

The regulatory database contains 12dBm for US

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It seems therefore that the Linux wireless-regdb.git prohibits use of the 6GHz band in the US, whereas the Federal Register specifically allows it.

I guess that is a bug then.....

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99,99% agree with you.

It's explained in the commit message:

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this is hcxdumtool output where you can see for instance for GB 6E is available

well - hopefully someone with this device may be able to answer ...

You can only get super weak signal, you must verify really near the device the it emits any.

yes i did that ... phone touching the antenna

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Yes it is, as shown in the Wikipedia link I posted earlier.

Sorry, but you are talking nonsense now. Why is it a super weak signal?

Even if it is transmitted at the 12dBm you keep quoting, that is still 16mW.
Compare this with a typical usable rssi of around -70dbm (note the minus sign) which is in the region of 10uW.

Yes but you will also have to set the reg domain of the phone to GB as well for it to work. If you can then it should be good for tens of metres depending on the thickness of your walls.

It is explained why the commit was made but the reasoning was incorrect.

It should be split up into the multiple sub bands as described in the Federal Register and shown in the Wikipedia link.

I think the commit should be:

+	#
+	(5925 - 6425 @ 320), (30), NO-OUTDOOR
+	(6425 - 7125 @ 320), (12), NO-OUTDOOR, NO-IR

yes agree... look I changed the regulatory.db to overrule any sort of things related to regdb. and i still get the same thing... tried different countries etc ... i only can think about the firmware / code being .. the device is not faulty if I use non 6e bands it transmits and quite well for an usb device (and running on a vm).

thank you all for your help ...hopefully there is someone out there that tried it and I am not the only dummy guy that bought it

Hope it is released soon and works out for you.