Mt7688an device porting issues

Hello all,

I am facing two issues in trying to port OpenWRT - master on a mt7688an custom board.

  1. I am unable to get reboot command to work, it basically just hangs and I have to do a hard reboot to get it to work. I have WDT in groups to be used a "GPIO" as other examples in the overlay have.
  2. The board has only 1 Ethernet port available, am unable to understand how to configure the Switch correctly. Wanted to use that for LAN and not WAN.

Thanks in advance !

Add an entry for your device (format: manufacture,devicename) to the following group in 02_network in target/linux/ramips/mt76x8/base-files/etc/board.d/, according to alphabetical order.

I understand that making device specific changes should be done through that.. however, as I am currently testing I am using linkit-7688an implementation..

But am not able understand how to configure the switch through esw ... and how to assign the cpu port.

You don't. The group that @musashino mentioned already sets the esw to unmanaged mode, and sets eth0 as LAN.


However, I have been utilising LinkIT-7688 device, which has the same 1 Port Eth-LAN, and the reason I asked about configuring switch correctly is because of an error in Luci that I see when I go to Netowork -> Switch.

Hence the question on whether any other change in esw is required.

I did create another board following the same footsteps of LinkIT and Widora and the issue persists.

Regarding, Reboot am not sure whether there is any change required on DTS.. because that doesn't work. Also, this issue is only present in Master branch of OpenWRT.. and works just fine with 19.07.05.. So is this a known thing on master ?

BTW, I have another question as well.. I have not been able to figure out how mt76-phy0 comes up in /sys/class/leds .. the board I am using doesn't have LEDs in the ethernet port, if that's what It supposed to be doing.