MT7688 high power consumption in halted state

I am building a device based on HLK7688 module which is built on MT7688AN chip. By this time I've managed to solve most of the issues I had, but there is still one thing that I even don't know where to look for the solution.
When this board is halted with shutdown command, it draw significantly more current then in idle state when running. ~140mA when halted and ~80mA when idling. My device is going to be battery powered, so I would like to shut it down in software to save battery, but now it works the opposite way.
I may use external MCU to control power and some other functions of my device, but anyway, I think it would be good to have this issue solved.
Can anyone point me to where is the cause of this issue and maybe there is already a solution for it?

what does the chip datasheet say re: low power states?

Available datasheet seems to be truncated. There is no information at all on power modes there...