MT7688 - disabling ethernet LEDs and controlling discretly


I'm using a MT7688 module and I'd like to control 3 of the EPHY_LEDs directly, since I'm only using the 1st ethernet port.

I'm able to control other GPIO ports, but it seems that something else (perhaps the ethernet kernel module?) is blocking access.

Any ideas on how to gain control of these ports? Thanks for any help!


@nullbert, welcome to the community!

Can you tell us if you're able to configure these lights on the web GUI under System > LED Configuration?

You will probably need to make a change in the corresponding .dtsi file and [re]build the image.
In the similar situation I had to make the following adjustment:

&pinctrl {
        state_default: pinctrl0 {
                default {
-                       ralink,group = "i2c", "uartf", "wled", "spi refclk", "pa";
+                       ralink,group = "ephy", "i2c", "uartf", "wled", "spi refclk", "pa";
                        ralink,function = "gpio";

Note "ephy" been added.
Once the ports are exposed you should be able to configure them in the web GUI individually.


Thanks for the reply! I'm running a custom openwrt build, so I don't have the web gui available.

I'll take a look at the dtsi file. I do want the first ethernet LED controlled by the system, since I'm using that port, but I want to control the other ones discretely.

If you don't have web GUI, the file to edit the LEDs that are already configurable - is located at /etc/config/system

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Thanks. Currently digging in here:

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