MT7628NN -- Any Significant Kernel/Driver Issues (Wireless Aside)?

I'm considering picking up an MT7628NN-based device (GL.iNet MT-300N) solely for the purpose of running NTP with a GPSDO and/or CDMA PPS source and connecting over Ethernet. Are there any kernel- or driver-related issues with the support of its SoC that might suggest a different ~US$20 option?

Potentially "unusual" drivers in use will include

Any issues with this SoC unexpectedly hanging, even for brief periods of time (users loading it with transmission, VPN, or what have you don't count)? Failing to respond to the PPS GPIO interrupt sort of defeats the purpose :wink:

While I've got and am happy with the AR-300M-Lite at under $US17, it only has a single TX/RX pair and I2C SCL/SDA available as "free" GPIOs. I'd prefer to have both a serial console as well as the serial for NEMA and the GPIO for PPS, which it appears the MT-300N can support.

Much more than ~US$20 and I might as well run a Pi-class, multi-core device.