MT7628N: big endian arch support

Is it possible to build a working big endian FW for use with MT7628N?


Can you help me interpret which part of the table you presented shows Big endian support?

Thought you meant the SoC ?

No the default image builds for little endian. I am trying to standardize on an -endian for some different modules

I don't think this is possible, as MT7628 SoC is a MipsEL SoC (little endian).... The processor works in little endian... You will need to change every kernel call from big to little for the processor... I think it is easier to convert the modules to work in little endian... there are calls in gcc to do that (cpu_to_be and cpu_to_le) ... you can't change the cpu, but you can convert the output of cpu to be....

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Same answer as for your other/ related question:


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