MT7621AT/MT7615N Firmware build system?

Hey all. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I'm trying my hand at flashing my D-Link DIR-882 with a custom build, and I'm stuck at the Firmware section -- it doesn't seem to have anything listed for the router's LAN/WLAN chips (see title).

Is this because it's not needed, or...?

I believe a minimal firmware is needed, but either way, selecting the hardware profile for your device will pull that in. Check the Makefile ( for the custom packages your device pulls in.

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It will be picked up by default It's named kmod-mt7615-firmware . If You don't add own code to the build I recommend OpenWrt Firmware Selector .It contains feature "Customize installed packages" to create image with pre-installed packages


Thanks both for your advice, and @nicefile for the heads up about the Firmware Selector! I'd previously used the build system to slim down a build for a 8MB flash device (RE305 I refuse to let you die yet lol), but this looks perfect for this use case.

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