MT7621 Kernel 5.4 and Switch Ports/VLAN

I have several questions with the ethernet ports of the switch with the DSA driver. Do all ports belong to the same interface (eth0) and can VLANs be assigned to each port as with the previous kernel driver or does each port belong to a separate interface (eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3, eth4)? If the latter, the ports do not communicate with each other through the switch, the only way would be to create a bridge? Can each port (interface) be assigned different tagged and untagged VLANs from LuCI? What default ports belong to the br-lan interface? I would like to test it myself and switch to the new kernel at once, but first I need to know how the switch works to let internet down as little time as possible (the time it takes to configure the network).

I'll answer what I have personal experiance with.

  • As for interfaces names, it's lan1, lan2, lan3, lan4, and wan.
  • Your hardware should just work for a default setup (however, do not flash keeping settings).
  • LuCI does not support DSA yet afaik.

As far as luci is concerned, these are just individual network interfaces - and you can do everything with them you'd usually do. There just is no "switch/ swconfig" interface exposed for them, these things happen behind the curtain.

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Other forum thread on the subject [1]

Except proper VLAN tag management (via bridge v) is lacking from LuCI [2]

[1] MT7621 can not enable vlan_filtering on kernel 5.4

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Sorry, I don't get it... How do I configure VLANs on the device ?
I can create a "VLAN device", but how do I properly bridge it to the physical switch, so that I have tagged VLAN ports ?

This is a fair question, but you should start a new topic instead of reviving a two year old topic. I am closing this one.