MT7620A GPIO naming in dts file

I am working on a MT7620A based device and I have got input that LEDs of this particular device are connected to GPIO67, GPIO68, GPIO69 and GPIO70. In the existing dts files, I didn't find any device using such high number to designate GPIO. I also noted that there seems to be 4 banks (24+16+32+1) as per kernel log and dts using gpio0, gpio1, gpio2, gpio3. How do I map above GPIO numbers (67-68-69-70) in the dts file?

Take an existing dts(i) as a reference:

gpios = <&gpio1 14 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
gpios = <&gpio1 15 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
gpios = <&gpio3 0 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;

there is gpioN as a reference to a bank.

What would GPIO70 correspond to? I mean which bank and which GPIO number in that bank?

Again, refer to the dtsi:

I suppose it will be gpio2 30

Thank you @AndrewZ It worked.