MT7620A 2.4/5GHz client + AP on one radio unsupported

Hey everyone

I'm trying to run a client and AP on the same radio (5GHz) but I can't get it to work. I'm on 19.7.10.

I take it this feature is not available in the driver. Is there anyway to get it to work? I tried adding the AP on the same channel but I end up with two disabled 5GHz devices.

Thanks for reading and commenting. It's a Xiaomi MiWifi Mini R1C.

I don't think it's ever possible on one physical radio.

It is possible, on a non-DFS channel, if you specify it explicitly.

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Thanks, both of you.

I'm using channel 149 which appears to be non-DFS. Still no go. Hmm. I haven't set the country in the wireless config. Is that the problem?


Yes. You need to set the country, to the correct one. Otherwise, the "no initial radiation" rule applies, because in some parts of the world 5 GHz is still forbidden.

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Love you man! It works. The client wifi is set to channel = auto, and the AP wifi (on the same radio) is set to the same channel as the client network (149). After I set a country both went online when before, they remained disabled.

I guess one fear I have is that should the client wifi switch channels, then the router would be completely cut off. Pity the AP can't stay on AUTO channel to "follow" the client wifi channel.

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