MT7620 + MT7610 USB AC 5 ghz

On my hardware, with Mediatek MIPS Ralink RT5350, I failed trying to enable a USB AC 5 Ghz.
It was unstable, it was blocking, or only worked at times, but with a lot of instability.
Now I'm redesigning the card with Ralink MIPS Mediatek MT7620.
It is often used associated with the USB MT7610 chip, as in the case of the router ASUS RT-AC51U
I hope it is more stable in this combination, but unfortunately not easily find sticks of this type, small, with no antenna.
If I enable the ASUS RT-AC51U in "Target Profile" I dont see it being enabled any new driver in Kernel Module -> Wireless Driver
I believe, but i am not sure, that if i enable a profile, also drivers of accessories should enable automatocally.
Someone can give me some general advice on this subject?