MT7615 usage in laptops

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I recently had the idea to use my MT7615, which I bought for my Bananapi R64, as wifi chip in my Linux laptop. Is this possible? I am using Devuan with a self-compiled mainlone kernel.

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Hi Oebbler, welcome to OpenWrt.

Well, this would normally be an issue to take up with Devuan. It depends on whether or not your laptop has a mini PCIe slot and what kernel version your version of Devuan is sporting. Assuming your laptop does have the slot, then it will probably work. Especially since you are likely not going to be projecting an access point in this scenario.

I'm curious what brought you to OpenWrt with that question?


Thank you for your reply!

My laptop has two M.2 slots, one for my SSD and the other for a wifi card or cellular modem. So I think I could insert the MT7615 card. Is there any damage risk if I put the card in?

I chose the OpenWrt forum because I am using the MT7615 with OpenWrt a long time ago, so I assumed the people here know what this is. I'm sorry if I am at the wrong place here...

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