MT7612u as Dumb Access Point on a VM (Proxmox)

The scenario is: A VM with OpenWrt version 23.05 to run as a Dumb Access Point. I use an USB adapter with MT7612u and when I go to Network > Wireless only radio0 is available.

That makes me choose between 2.4 and 5GHz, not both.

I have to use two usb adapters to have two SSIDs or am I missing something?

As you correctly figured out desktop adapter has typically one radio device and one channel at a time.

If it was a PCIe card, it could work with two radios?

Depends, complete router is cheaper than access point card + antenna assembly.

It's for my homelab (my bedroom). I just want to give my server another service :nerd_face:
gl.inet are very small, just wire vlan to it.

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