MT7601U to run on Raspberry PI3 with AP mode

The forum has repeatedly discussed the USB WI-FI adapter based on the MT7601U, namely the launch in the Access Point mode.
Question: Are there ready driver builds for MT7601U to run on Raspberry PI3? Is there any plan to add this driver to the OpenWRT repository?

Do a quick search and you should see the answer immediately.....

Neighboring forum threads have been viewed, but they are not very informative.
Is it possible to run MT7601U in AP mode, and does anyone have driver packages for RPI3?

what's the PID and VID of the device ? lsusb will tell.
or dmesg, if you unplug it, and reconnect it again.

there's no such thing, the driver code base is the same for all platforms, packages are compiles for all code bases.

MT7601U drivers installed through the OpenWRT repository only support Client mode.
But there are separate mentions in parallel forum threads that some users were able to run USB Wi-Fi MT7601U in AP mode.
I would like to get a working driver for MT7601U with AP mode, when connecting it to RPI3.

if the source code is out there, knock yourself out.