MT76 on BananaPi R64 6 dBm issue

Hello everyone.

I'm unsure whether I should report a bug or ask a question here as bug reporting guideline suggests.

I've built an OpenWrt image from latest sources (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r13399-559b338466) for Banana Pi R64 Board. It has mt7622 (2.4 GHz) integrated module and mt7615e (5 GHz) PCIe WiFi card installed.

Unfortunately both cards are limited to 6 dBm after initial build so wireless range is subpar. It can be fixed for mt7622 with some hard-coding to eeprom.c file, but I found no working solution for mt7615e.

  1. Is this 6 dBm limit an OpenWRT bug?
  2. Is there a more elegant solution for mt7622 rather than compiling OpenWRT image, making changes to eeprom.c, comiling again and copying mt76 modules to /lib/modules... folder?
  3. Is there any solution for mt7615 module?

if its about dbm they wont reply you