MT76 (MediaTek) specifically mt7615 status

There seems to be some issues with the mt7615n driver which is part of the MT7621 board used in a bunch of routers. The driver seems to be hit and miss regarding speed and stability. What is going on here? I have had issues with my previous MT7621 based router that uses the mt7615n for wifi. I replaced it on a whim with a d-link that i though would be a good fit for my house. It works great but it also used the MT7621 / mt7615n combo so I am weary of installing OpenWrt.

Any information regarding this specific chip combo and status of the wifi drivers would be immensely useful. Thanks in advance.

old router was a hootoo ND001 (aka a strong AC1200)
New router is a d-link AC1900 (DIR-1960)

Just look how driver is supported (how many unresolved issues are there) and what is its quality. People who create it are focused on MT7915, but even support for this chipset will eventually finish as previous.

Sell it or use OEM Mediatek drivers.

yes i have been there but I was looking for some some actual user feedback.