MT76 how to debug Wifi issues?

I have been using OpenWRT on the D-Link 860L since the 15.x releases and it is amazing that it still works while support from the manufacturer is long gone.
OpenWRT kept it running, secure and with more features than the original firmware.
Over time, the WiFi performance improved, but every now and then there is the 'connected, no data' bug. Unfortunately, there is nothing available is the syslog.
How can I debug this issue? Any pointers on where to start are welcome.

just a side note
I had problems when I updated windows in laptop's intel wifi AC cards
I ended up tracking it down to the drive shipped with the new windows
at lest when I back dated the driver my problem went away
it also never reconnected if the laptop went to sleep as well
as just stopping new connections "old one still open but new failed"

I have Dlink 860L and 1960 running with 21.02.0 in two properties. one IoT 2.5GHz Wifi device fails every few weeks. Both routers in combination with that 1 IoT causes the issue:
IoT device pretends to be connected, but no longer transfers data. Nothing in the OpenWRT log.

Wifi-Removing and re-adding the device temporarily fixes it, when it happened.
Regularly rebooting the OpenWRT router completely avoids running into the error.

Fiddling with Wifi parameters seems to prolong the time span a bit, but not fixing it.

I am not at all proud of my workaround: using a power socket timer, to reboot the OpenWRT router every 24h.

So I guess it has to be something in the OpenWRT router or in the routers WiFi session table that causes this after some timeout. I guess it may also have to do something with (improperly implemented?) energy save functions of Wifi client devices or e.g. some slow connection-related integer counter overflow on OpenWrt side. I don't think its a memory overflow on the router, as manually Wifi-removing and re-adding the IoT client works as well while keeping long router uptimes.
Other people run the same IoT device flawlessly with commercial routers.

it may pay to just try and Scheduled wifi off
and a minute later a wifi on under Scheduled Tasks

Hi, I guess that will help, but it does not solve the issue. I am not looking for a workaround, but really want to debug the issue.
I could not find any documentation on a ‘debug’ mode for these kind of issues. Does something like that exist?

I believe there are debug mode to enable
I think there are openwrt one's in the snapshots
but i think there are other in the drivers them selves

would increasing the log_level in wireless config help?

log_level integer no 2 Set the log_level. Supported levels are: 0 = Verbose Debugging, 1 = Debugging, 2 = Informational Messages, 3 = Notification, 4 = Warning

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Thanks! I will first try to adjust the log level and see if anything interesting comes up.

After a few months, nothing turned up in the logs. It looks like the ‘connected, no data’ issue occurs more often if many devices are present.
I finally just jumped ship to the RT3200.
This is also mt76, but there is more development activity and the performance is really good. So far, no wireless issues with the 22.03 release.